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Estate Administration

Upstate Elder Law serves clients by representing the personal representatives of Estates. The loss of a family member or loved one is a devastating event and a difficult time for those left behind. For many people, the process of dealing with a loved one’s property and finances is difficult. Navigating the court system to administer an estate can be a very complicated and cumbersome task. We work with families to simplify the steps involved and make it as easy as possible.

Occasionally, an estate does not need administration. The most common instance of this is when there is no property titled in the deceased person's name. Even in this situation clients may need assistance with assets passing outside the probate process, such as life insurance, pension benefits, joint bank accounts, or other non-probate assets.

Administering an estate through probate typically takes 13 to 15 months. Some individuals feel they can navigate the process themselves and do not require the assistance of an attorney specializing in this area. While this is sometimes possible, families should be aware that there are often significant legal issues involved in the administration of estates.