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This website is only intended to provide general information, but what if you need attention and perhaps advice about your individual situation? We would be glad to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your particular situation.

Initial Consultations

The purpose of our initial consultation is to review your situation, discuss likely approaches and planning measures which might be taken, and give an estimate of the fees and expenses which may be involved.

Every initial consultation is different, but here are some basic guidelines: First, we always find that initial consultations are much more helpful to us and our clients if we have background information. For this reason, when you first call our firm, we may ask you to gather the relevant documentation together and complete informational forms which we will send you. It is helpful to bring the information with you when you come for your initial consultation.

Second, the objective of an initial consultation is for us and for our perspective clients to get as complete a picture of what needs to be done to address the situation and the anticipated costs. If possible, we will give a quote or estimate of our fees and possibly present a fee agreement to the clients.

On the other hand, an initial consultation is generally not for the purpose of rendering detailed, considered advice about what is almost always a complicated situation. In most cases, it’s simply not possible. We cannot answer with real certainty all the questions you may have about a situation in such a short time. However, we do try to identify legal questions that need to be answered and legal steps that need to be taken.

Our objective is to begin to develop a reasonable approach to our client’s problems during the initial consultation. If you would like to discuss your situation with us, please fill out the form below. Someone from our office will call you shortly to set up an Initial Consultation.

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